Lakewinds Food Co-op Newspaper

Spec ad: Lakewinds Food Co-op sells top-notch organic and local produce that is a huge draw for customers. This ad showcases those fruits and veggies.

Primary Emails

Spec ads: The next three emails are spec ads for Primary, an affordable line of high-quality children’s clothing. The first tells the unique origin story of the company. The second draws a customer back after they’ve abandoned their cart, while the third announces two promotions. Designed by the talented Patricia Baraibar.

Macy’s Sweater Event

Spec ad: The challenge of this project was to create an email for a 40% off men’s sweater sale at Macy’s, while keeping in mind many men men don’t like to shop very often. I tried to mimic to Macy’s brand voice with the use of the word “ultimate”. Designed by Patricia Baraibar.

Boston Organics Sales Letter

Spec ad: The challenge of this project was to write a sales letter for office managers of 50-200 people who could desperately use healthy, organic, locally grown snacks instead of the usual suspects. Designed by Patricia Baraibar.

Let me craft copy for you!

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