Who am I?

Welcome! You need a copywriter, or maybe a content marketer. Crafting compelling copy is a big job and I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate with businesses like yours!

But, how can I help you reach your goals and make your clients happier? Afterall, that’s why you are here.

I’m a distinctive mix of marketing experience and passion for copy. I will elevate your brand’s voice with my intuitive wit, attention to detail, and collaborative spirit with the skill I’ve garnered as a marketing project manager. Count on my innate ability to strategize, my solid understanding of a marketing campaign, and lifelong zeal for writing to carry your project to the next level.

Along the way, my managers have raved about my writing, communication, and leadership skills. But, perhaps most importantly, I’m deadline-driven (spending five years as a project manager will do that to you).  Because, when it’s crunch time during a campaign, the last thing you need to worry about is copy.

Let’s talk. I can’t wait to hear what I can do for your marketing and advertising.

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